Being an Agent for Paradigm provides you with so much more than a typical broker or a truck agent. We provide the tools and make available our extensive in-house expertise, allowing you to design seamless and cost-effective transportation solutions to meet your customers’ ever-changing logistics needs. Finally, you will become the “one-stop-shop” that today’s shippers demand.

It’s not difficult to summarize the advantages gained by joining our team. Lucrative weekly commissions and competitive packages for your owner-operators and trucks are just a couple of benefits enjoyed by agents of Paradigm. When it’s time to grow your fleet, we perform all qualifying functions, including driver background checks and employment verification. Once on board, we provide all liability and cargo insurance, maintain all IFTA records and quarterly filings, audit all logs, review all monthly maintenance records of your fleet, and provide all Safety functions to ensure lawful operation, allowing you to do what you do best, focus on your customers.

For brokerage operations, we provide load board access, carrier qualifications, invoicing functions, carrier settlements, and credit/collection functions. More importantly, with our “Diamond Broker” status through, you’ll only have to cover loads once, and typically at higher margins. We offer quick pay options or 30 day terms to your carriers, and through our industry leading TMS, you have visibility and access to our own trucks in addition to tens of thousands of pre-qualified carriers. The list goes on.

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